Formula U Racing | Competition Last Day
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Competition Last Day

Competition Last Day Competition Last Day 0623120831

Competition Last Day

With technical inspections all completed we were scheduled as the 4th team to run the Endurance Event Saturday morning. The Endurance event started at 7am for pre-race driver course walks then an 8:30am race start.

The two endurance drivers Adam and Jed arrived at the course at 7am to do the driver course walk. Unfortunately, it had rained most of the night and the track was quite wet.  At 7am though the skies were overcast but not raining.  After the course walk the others on the team arrived with the car and we got the car re-certified for the race quickly. As Adam suited up and we set out to top off our fuel tank the rain started back up.  The announcement came from the PA system that a massive thunderstorm was about to hit the track and that all teams were to clear the paddocks and seek shelter.  The rain poured for nearly an hour creating a flood all over the track. With our car unable to run in ‘wet’ and raining conditions and being the fourth team on the track there was no possible way we could compete in the Endurance event Saturday morning.

Competition Last Day Competition Last Day 0623120831
Massive thunderstorm hitting Lincoln, NE the morning of the Endurance Event. All teams taking shelter

Competition Last Day Competition Last Day 0623120831a
Adam suited up and ready to run the event while Trevor, Andrew and Bryce look on.

Competition Last Day Competition Last Day 0623120831b
Dave, Dr. Drake and Alan waiting out the storm.

The team left for home upset with the rain cancellation and not looking forward to the 12 hour drive home. However, the team was very pleased with passing all Technical Inspections and knowing that we designed and built a race car that was safe and built well enough to compete in all competitions. Everyone on the team is proud of our accomplishments within FSAE and know that we put all we had into making the University of Utah 2012 team the most successful it could be.

Look back for more pictures and videos as we continue to race and have fun with the 2012 car. Also, the U of U 2013 has already begun design work and is planning on building on 2012 success.

Thank you to all whom read this blog and continue to support our team!

Special thank you to the 2012 sponsors:

McNees Enterprises
Tool Design Inc.
Malone Auto Racks
O’Reilly Auto Parts

Special considerations to:
All 11 2012 team members for their dedication and enthusiasm for the FSAE project
Scott Brown
Jonathan Ellsworth
Dr. Sam Drake

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